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About Nafen

Nafen is the unique alumina nanofiber

Able to change the mechanical and chemical properties of a variety of different materials endowing them with superpowers.

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The development of Nafen was co-funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union


Commercial Reference (Top-of-the-line)

Tensile Strength 26 MPa

Tensile Modulus 2.55 GPa

Tensile Strain at Break 1.2%

Flexural Modulus 3.00 GPa

NAFEN Enhanced Formulation

Tensile Strength 39 MPa (+50%)

Tensile Modulus 3.26 GPa (+30%)

Tensile Strain at Break 1.4 % (+15%)

Flexural Modulus 3.85 GPa (+30%)


Commercial Reference (Top-of-the-line)

Flexural Strength MPa 428

Flexural Strength MPa 397

Tensile Strength MPa 69

Tensile Strain at Break % 3.6

Interlaminar Shear Strength (carbon) MPa 43

Interlaminar Shear Strength (glass) MPa 38

NAFEN Enhanced Formulation

Flexural Strength MPa 489 (+15%)

Flexural Strength MPa 437 (+10%)

Tensile Strength MPa 80 (+15%)

Tensile Strain at Break % 4.8 (+30%)

Interlaminar Shear Strength (carbon) MPa 47 (+10%)

Interlaminar Shear Strength (glass) MPa 41 (+10%)

High-Performance Concrete


Early Compressive Strength (7d) MPa 87

HPC with 0.25% Nafen by CM

Early Compressive Strength (7d) MPa 103 (+20%)

Thermally conductive materials


Thermal diffusivity mm2/s 0.27

Nafen Enhanced Formulation

Thermal diffusivity mm2/s 0.44(+63%)

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ICO structure

Token: NFN
Buy with: Fiat and Crypto
Platform: Ethereum, ERC-20
KYC: Yes
Location: European Union, Estonia

Token-sale: Date TBA

1 NFN token price = € 0.1
Minimum purchase = € 50


Why buy NFN

  • NFN Token is a 100% discount voucher for 1 gram of Nafen
  • The starting price of the NFN token is 0.1€
  • We already sell Nafen all over the world for up to 1€ per gram

*we will conduct buy-back of tokens commensurate with the sold Nafen


Unique patented production technology
First industrially available alumina nanofibers
Huge potential in different industries


Q2 - 2019

Investment campaign. Search for a production site. Engineering and technical surveys.

Q4 - 2019

Purchase orders for the equipment, including reactors for production. Approval of the optimal construction plan. Searching for Plant Construction partner.

Q2 - 2020

Delivery and installation of the first reactors.

Q4 - 2020

Test launch of the reactors.

Q3 - 2019

Production site long-term lease. Production plant design works. NFN tokens listing on crypto-exchanges.

Q1 - 2020

Signed agreement with construction company. Full-scale construction works.

Q3 - 2020

Final stage of the construction works. All reactors are delivered and installed.

Q1 - 2021

Finalizing production modes. Ready to start the sales.